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Our offices will be closed beginning December 25th, and we will be re-opening January 4th! If at any point you need immediate assistance, please contact support at Thank you everyone for a fantastic year. We can’t wait to serve you again in 2016!

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We’re announcing a very exciting full-time job opportunity at Marcato HQ, here in Cape Breton! Would you like to work for a thriving software firm in Sydney, N.S.? Check out our Implementation Specialist job description below!  Marcato Digital Solutions is a Canadian company based in Sydney, Nova Scotia that creates web-based solutions that maximize efficiency throughout the music industry. With a user base of over 2000, the Marcato product suite is currently providing the organizational backbone for the Osheaga Festival, Coachella Festival, Country Music Awards,…

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In part one of “Guest List Management: A Growing Pain for Growing Festivals,” we covered 5 general best practices that any festival or live event can put into action immediately in order to step up their guest list management game. If you’re following us into part two, I’d say it’s pretty safe to assume you wanna play hardball and you’re ready to take guest list management seriously! So, for those of you who are passionate about taking their operation to…

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This blog was co-written by Marcato CEO Darren Gallop & CPO Natasha Hillier and is published in full at   For a growing festival or live event, guest list management is the last thing on your mind, right? Ticket sales, artist relations, sponsorship, and a million other priorities take precedence over worrying about your guest list – especially since that is something you can deal with closer to the event… For many organizers this is the reality, however what most…

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7 years ago I’m not sure anyone expected a smalltown software company from Cape Breton, NS, Canada, to become a key player in the global evolution and professionalization of the international festival industry… but we did. It was around that time Marcato had an inkling that the festival industry was about to change and that we were about to enter a golden age of revenue streams, music discovery, and collaboration. As we predicted, the global festival industry has professionalized and…

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Custom Forms have always been a huge part of what Marcato does to help make planning and managing our client’s live events easier.  They’ve allowed our clients to design and distribute application intake forms, or advancing forms that asked just the right questions and gathered critical information, which in many instances was then forwarded to the festival or event’s website or mobile app (via integrated XML feeds), or to the stage crew setting up stage plots, or backstage managers, security…

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This year we launched Marcato Enterprise: a fully serviced, live event management platform, specially designed for live events and festivals with heavy credentialing and asset management needs. The platform also includes other must-have functionality like: talent management, sponsorship fulfilment, vendor management, and much more. Since the launch we’ve had over 35 of the world’s most reputable events adopt the platform, such as: With so many live events adopting the platform, many of you have said to us, “the concept seems…

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In 2008, Canadian Festival Management Software provider, Marcato placed its first pin on the map in Sydney, Nova Scotia. We were a small Canadian start-up with a handful of severely caffeinated staff and just one client, Celtic Colours International Festival. Since then, we’ve grown to become the industry’s leading live event & festival management software provider with over 200 festivals and events using our software, worldwide. Although our company has grown, Canada still remains a cornerstone of Marcato, with many of the nation’s greatest…

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Festivals, more often than not, are products of passion. When establishing these events, organizers are not usually thinking years ahead, wondering about how their legacies and foundational planning will be passed onto others. This is why festival succession planning can be such a challenge for organizations looking to lock-in their legacies and ensure consistent quality in years to come. Like in every industry, there are exceptions to the rule; some festivals spring out of a large investments, while others spring…

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Recently a shift has taken place in the festival industry where festival mobile apps have become an expectation of festival goers, so much so that they’ve now almost become a full blown aspect of ‘festival culture’. Because of this upward trend, a growing concern for festival producers is the functionality of these apps. Is the app just a “sparkly gimmick”, or does it actually offer real usefulness and enhance the overall experience of the festival goer? These questions are not…

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