We have oversight into details we just didn’t have before!
Grimur Atlason - Iceland Airwaves
Grimur Atlason
Festival Director
Iceland Airwaves
It’s really been a godsend for organizing an event of our size and scope, and helps keep our costs significantly lower!
Johnny Stevens - Halifax Pop Explosion
Johnny Stevens
Board Member
Halifax Pop Explosion
Marcato really makes sure we can do things efficiently... It’s simplified and streamlined our work incredibly!
Joella Foulds - Celtic Colours
Joella Foulds
Executive Director
Celtic Colours

What Are People Saying?

Marcato has played a crucial role in creating a ‘Festival Hub’ which can be managed and accessed by multiple users allowing careful management of integral processes. From contracting and advancing Artists (which is often quite a mammoth task); to collecting data via the public form builders; to stream lining the issuance of accreditation onsite with the help of the issuance module. Marcato hugely assisted in the day-to-day management of administrative tasks, and helped facilitate yet another successful Festival.

Hazel Beale - Cambridge Live

Hazel Beale Festival Coordinator Cambridge Live

In our first year of using Marcato our team was easily able to adopt the system and it helped reduce stress and stay more organized overall. The reports for passes were incredible and super handy saving us so much time. Not only that but our Volunteer Coordinator reported that using Marcato saved him 2-3 weeks of time in the planning process. We also saved days of time by being able to rollover specific data and all of our settings from one festival year to the next. We are excited to use Marcato again for our 2019 event!

Jeroen Pede - Cactusfestival

Jeroen Pede Graphic Designer Cactusfestival

Marcato is making festival life almost too easy, it’s hard to believe that there is something capable of doing everything! Artists, Media, Vendors, Volunteers, Sending Contracts, it is all made so simple. Just a few clicks and everything is done. What is even better is it being a live system, enabling you to log in from anywhere and see exactly what is happening. The ability to create reports saves so much time and the risk of error is minimal. The Marcato team are always available and extremely helpful with any questions or handy hints. Everyone is loving it and loves using it more and more as our event draws closer.

Whitney Wilson - WOMAD NZ

Whitney Wilson Artist Liason Manager WOMAD NZ

It's only really when you get down to the fine tuning of the Festival that you really begin to appreciate how valuable a tool Marcato is. We have 36 events over four days at twenty different venues including islands and without Marcato it would just be a logistical nightmare. With Marcato we can almost do a “dry run” of the Festival beforehand and iron out all the problems, overlaps etc. as well give the artists advance itineraries so they know exactly what they will be doing over the time they are here. It makes you look very professional and once you have used it you will never go back to what you did before.

Gavin Cullen - Orkney Folk Festival

Gavin Cullen Festival Committee Orkney Folk Festival

The most reassuring aspect of a festival software solution is reliable and knowledgeable client support and Marcato truly hits this out of the park. Bethany and Russell got knee deep in our festival operations and continually offered ways to improve our internal systems with their solution. This support is much appreciated.

Casey Lowdermilk - Outside Lands

Casey Lowdermilk Operations Manager Outside Lands

Working with Marcato has been a real time saver for us by automatically keeping our website updated, managing admin tasks and tracking logistics. It has also helped with sharing specific information internally or with external vendors/ partners. The Marcato support team was great at listening to our needs and helping us resolve any issues!

Ségolène Favre-Cooper - Mama Festival & Convention

Ségolène Favre-Cooper Program Mama Festival & Convention

Warwick Folk Festival has used Marcato Festival to run our event for the last 4 years. This has helped to take the organisation of the festival out of our individual computers and allowed all of our staff to gain access and to work on a single platform simultaneously. This has helped us to bring all of our activities together, which I find gives us a better overall view of how the festival is being organised and enables us to identify areas that need extra attention more speedily. I would highly recommend Marcato Festival, as a great tool in the organisation and running of a successful event.

Dick Dixon - Warwick Folk Festival

Dick Dixon Director Warwick Folk Festival

Marcato has played a critical role in keeping our team organized and the web forms make it so easy to collect the information we need from our artists, delegates and volunteers with no manual entry required

Geoff Trio - Australian Music Week

Geoff Trio Director Australian Music Week

Our festivals require a level of detail unmatched in the industry. Marcato has allowed us to streamline our data collection, integrating everything from asset management to credential and meal distribution. The system is efficient and user-friendly, which goes a long way in keeping us all on track.

Mary Beth Elam - Phish Magnaball

Mary Beth Elam Jim Tobin Production's Director of Operations Phish Magnaball

Marcato is one of the key system used for the planning of Orkney Folk Festival. The integrated elements of Marcato deliver a powerful tool which is critical in distributing information amongst the team.

Alex Rodwell - Orkney Folk Festival

Alex Rodwell Festival Committee Orkney Folk Festival

It is like having an assistant. It​'​s a complex system, but if you understand it and use it right then it can save you a lot of time and effort.

Katherine Goodenough - Greenbelt

Katherine Goodenough Programme Producer Greenbelt

Marcato was an integral piece of our festival planning on multiple fronts, and the prompt support we always get from them is very helpful and greatly appreciated!

Ryan Doney - Mile of Music

Ryan Doney Festival Project Specialist Mile of Music

What you see our on stage is classical music making at its finest - what you don’t see is the months of preparation that goes into scheduling over 300 individual events to bring the festival program together. To hear artists comment that we are one of the best organized chamber music festivals they have attended is largely due to the wonderful tools that Marcato gives us to work with; they are such an intricate part of our festival and we look forward to working with their team for years to come!

Rebecca Alferez - Australian Festival of Chamber Music

Rebecca Alferez Artistic Administrator Australian Festival of Chamber Music

I would recommend Marcato to any small, medium or large festival. First, it saves me money (and lots of it); second, it allows me to collaborate and manage my staff effectively; and third, it allows my staff to manage the 200 artists that perform our festival each year.

Johnny Stevens - Halifax Pop Explosion

Johnny Stevens Board Member Halifax Pop Explosion

This software has made an enormous difference to the entire festival operation. It has ensured accuracy, cut out duplication, and made it possible for staff to get the job done in much less time and with much less stress.

Joella Foulds - Celtic Colours

Joella Foulds Executive Director Celtic Colours

CMA Music Festival has 11 stages with over 50 partner activations throughout downtown Nashville. There are so many moving pieces that require attention from multiple departments & production teams. Marcato allows us to simplify the intake, management, & execution of all these elements in a way that was previously thought impossible. Our team can now spend more time creating the best experience possible for our fans & partners!

Scott Frans - Country Music Association

Scott Frans Digital Project Manager Country Music Association

Marcato really does make overall planning less complex!

Gary Smith - Amsterdam Dance Event

Gary Smith Daytime Programme Manager Amsterdam Dance Event

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