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Congratulations, after reading Part 3 you would have successfully implemented your new technology so the hard part is over. The last few key things to consider are simply to ensure that you continue to get the most out of your tech.

Schedule check in meetings

Once everything is up and running be sure to schedule regular meetings with your team to ensure everything is still on track with the implementation and use. You want to make sure any unexpected issues are brought to your attention immediately rather than finding out when your staff have already abandoned the tech.

Provide feedback from team to provider

Schedule calls with the provider when issues do come up to discuss an action plan. Having what we call a “recap meeting” after your event is also a good idea to discuss what worked and what didn’t for your event that year. That said, if issues arise early in the process you want to discuss that as soon as possible rather than waiting until after the event. After your recap, if they don’t seem willing to help you resolve any issues you encountered, you can decide if you want to give it another go or look for another option.

Keep in mind that when the technology you are adopting has a learning curve, it may take some time before you realize all of the benefits of the system once the learning curve and set up period has passed. If you abandon the technology too quickly, you will not have the chance to take advantage of the benefits and you may find yourself in the same position the next year with a new provider.

Stay informed

Ask to be included in the provider’s newsletter or in any communication about new features or known problems so you can stay on top of things. Sometimes new features or a fix to a problem is released and the only way you will know is if you ask.  You should always be open to exploring new functionality that is released by your provider as it could increase your returns on investment!


By following these guidelines you should have your new tech up and running and start realizing the benefits sooner than later. By successfully following this process it will make each new technology you implement easier and easier, making your event even more amazing!

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