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This blog was written by Brooklynn Boyer. Brooklynn is the Manager of Marketing and Customer Success at Socialpeeks.

Ticket sales for your event can come from multiple sources. Your Instagram follower account may be high but you notice that very few sales actually come from your profile and/or followers. So, what’s up?

Here’s a reassuring thought: Social selling is hard. The ratio of social selling professionals to those brands who aren’t selling on social media is 50/50. Meaning: You’re not losing or winning.

So how can you get your event online, target the right people and sell to them, all for a relatively low cost? By finding the brand advocates and micro-influencers who are the perfect ‘fit’ for your brand.

Micro-influencers are in the sweet spot between 2.5K and 100K followers. Their audience isn’t so big that their followers are following them for the wrong reason (cough Kim Kardashian cough cough Donald Trump cough) and they’re not too small that their message isn’t being received by anyone. Micro-influencers generally have highly engaged audiences. Which means they are potentially reaching more people with their posts than someone with a huge following but little engagement. We’re not just going to ramble off these confusing equations for you to be wondering how it works, we have two very strong use cases that will give you an idea of how micro-influencers can be used by events.

The first successful use case we’d like to bring light to is Country Thunder. Country Thunder is a successful festival that runs in two US cities and two Canadian cities. Their use of influencers in their two Canadian locations wasn’t only wildly successful but has expanded their marketing budget for influencer marketing to all locations next year. They drove over 9x ROI, had a 20% increase in Instagram followers in 30 days and had a ton of amazing user-generated content! You can find the full Country Thunder Case Study and Infographic over at Socialpeeks.

One of Country Thunder’s influencers @allbeark posts with her discount code from the Calgary Festival

Second but not less to the Country Thunder event, was a different approach to influencer marketing. Creating exclusivity using influencers has proven not only to drive a great amount of ticket registrations but also amazing content and online social media engagement. A music festival in Burlington, Ontario throws its annual festival geared towards lovers of music, local families and individuals looking to enjoy the waterfront while listening to music. The kickoff show is the only paid event throughout the two weeks and it’s a large part of how they can offer free family fun for the remainder of the time. That being said, there’s only one night a year to hit numbers and make it a successful show. With headliners such as Offspring, Smash Mouth and The Spin Doctors, some may call it a challenge to find the right people to attend but with influencers – anything’s possible.

Burlington Sound of Music Festival worked with 10 precisely picked influencers to run a contest for free tickets. They had just shy of a 40% increase in Instagram followers and with help from influencers, they drove their hashtag impressions up by 23% in just 30 days. Their brand awareness within the area and an hour drive radius was wildly successful thanks to great content and free giveaways!

One of Burlington Sound of Music influencers @drunkpolkaroo posts with their contest code from the 2017 kickoff event

So, let’s break down the basics. Micro-influencers for events are hella’ successful! Here are three reasons why we think they work:


These influencers genuinely care about what they post about. Their content and audience are so closely connected which is why their highly engaged social audience equates to sales success. Micro-influencers don’t just post to be paid but they understand that when they share something. Others trust them to purchase the same – so they need a sense of testing involved. These people genuinely care about their content, their followers, and what they are sponsoring on their page.

Niche Audiences

Running a 60’s rock concert in the 2000’s can be tough. Finding the audience you’re after, getting them to purchase tickets and attend your show is easier said than done. Finding the influencers who consistently talk about genres, performers, similar events and are in your geographical area may* take some time finding but they’re worth it. Their interests are deep-rooted and their followers are, presumably, just as keen on attending. Whether it’s rock, house, hip-hop or other genres of music, there is always a group online who are talking about it. A great way to find these “lighthouse” accounts is by analyzing the main headliners who perform at your event. If someone follows Tiesto, Diplo and Kygo, plus they have a tonne of followers and talk about their concert-going experience – it’s safe to assume their audience has similar interests.

Sense of local-celebrity

Lastly is the “cool” factor. Ever follow someone on social media and think “dang, they’re pretty cool”? Well, imagine if you could hang out with that “pretty cool” person in real life! By incentivizing micro-influencers with free tickets to your event, you’re not only driving ticket sales from their followers – assuming they’re interested in similar entertainment – but you’re creating a space for people online to meet their real-life heroes! This creates an additional “cool” factor to your event and grows the buzz around a ‘must-attend’ day or evening.

Micro-influencers are the new social sellers. You no longer have to worry about what growing your social following means in terms of marketing dollars because you can find those individuals who are power players in your space. They may be following you, they may not even know who you are or what your festival is but nurturing these influencer relationships will mean a lot more than brand awareness. With the perfect campaign design, these micro-influencers can equate to increased ticket sales, increased social following, and a ton of user-generated content.

*Socialpeek’s Campaign Concierge expedites the process of finding the perfect influencers for your event. With advanced software that can search across 750+ million social posts and filter down by geographics, interests, and conversations – it takes the manual search out of the process.

For more great content, head over to the Socialpeeks blog!

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