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Marcato Light

Marcato Light is a web-based festival management software designed to create efficiencies in the festival industry. Custom built to your needs, Marcato light helps you plan smarter, collaborate anywhere, and execute faster!

Use Marcato to manage things like:

  • Artists: Application submissions, reactive scheduling, hospitality management, easy advancing, sorting riders, and so much more.
  • Shows and Venues: Scheduling shows, arranging stage plots, tracking tech requirements, and making easy last minute changes.
  • Vendors: Accept online applications from food & craft vendors, accept lot fees, and manage quality control.
  • Websites & Mobile Apps: Automatically push all your festival’s information, including headliners, show times, and news, right to your website & mobile app.
  • And much more!

Marcato is one of the key system used for the planning of Orkney Folk Festival. The integrated elements of Marcato deliver a powerful tool which is critical in distributing information amongst the team.

Orkney Folk Festival
Alex Rodwell
Festival Committee
Orkney Folk Festival

Marcato was an integral piece of our festival planning on multiple fronts, and the prompt support we always get from them is very helpful and greatly appreciated!

Mile of Music
Ryan Doney
Festival Project Specialist
Mile of Music
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