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Posted in: Featured Festivals Tips, Tricks, & Best Practices for Festival Organizers on November 7, 2018 by Shannon McFarland

Courtesy of Electric Forest

Madison House Presents, the team behind world-class music festival Electric Forest, is dedicated to “never do the same show twice.” Their fans know it too, walking away from the last festival day already talking about returning for the next magical year. Madison House Presents plans all year, working on refining, improving, and devising innovative new experiences for tens of thousands of attendees. It is their biggest event and sold out three years in a row. We caught up with Kayleigh…

Posted in: Featured Festivals Tips, Tricks, & Best Practices for Festival Organizers on October 30, 2018 by Shannon McFarland

CaperCon convention attendees wait to meet actor Scott McNeil

You’ll find superheroes, villains, and anime characters at CaperCon. Or at least fans dressed up as their favorite characters from various games and shows! During the three-day convention in 2018, CaperCon brought together nearly 1,000 people while organized completely by volunteers. This annual pop culture event in Cape Breton is like a smaller, local version of ComiCon, the enormous multi-genre entertainment convention. Fans play games, attend panels, meet guest stars from shows, dress up as favorite characters and showcase artistic tributes…

Posted in: Tips, Tricks, & Best Practices for Festival Organizers on September 5, 2017 by Ashley MacDonald

We’ve covered a lot of different topics in our blogs. From how to build a successful festival website, a guide for maintaining festival sponsorship relations through to how to manage your festival’s artists and talent. Now, we’re trying a different approach. At Marcato, we work with festivals and live events (over 300 of them!). In doing so, we’ve seen a lot. With the help of our amazing support team, we created a list of some common festival planning mistakes that…

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