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After reading Part 2 you will have determined which technology is going to be a good fit for your organization. Now it is time to ensure that you are getting the most out of your investment. We have seen festivals and events invest in technology and then procrastinate the set up / implementation until it is too late and their money is essentially wasted. Don’t let this happen to you!

Ask about an implementation strategy

Ask the supplier if they have an implementation strategy and what training and support they offer to get things started. They may have videos and user guides, but are they available if you have questions?

You also want to discuss timelines with your supplier to better understand how long you can expect it to take to learn the system and get it up and running. You want to ensure when you develop your strategy you are working with realistic timelines.

Create your own strategy

Take some time to detail a plan of how this technology is going to be implemented and distribute it to your staff. Consider how much time a day you can dedicate to getting the new system up and running and then calculate when the implementation should be complete based on estimates you would have received from your supplier. Does that work with your anticipated timeline? If not, adjust. It is better to realize on the front end that you need to dedicate more time to it then realize you’re behind when it is too late.

Deliver requirements on time

If a part of the setup process is for you to deliver things to your supplier so they can complete tasks for you from their side, you want to make sure to deliver these on time. A delay in delivery could mean the timelines you have discussed and outlined in your plan may no longer apply. We often see festivals that express their desire to have everything up and running in 2 weeks and then we don’t hear from them until 3 weeks later when they are in a panic. Don’t let this happen to you!

Allow your staff time to adjust

Be sure you manage your expectations of your staff as it may take some time to get up and running on the new tech before they can be as productive as they were before or start to realize the time savings, if applicable. Internal pressure to do things quickly without giving them time to set up or adjust to the new technology can cause people resort back to the old way so they don’t disappoint you.


After following these guidelines you should be well on your way to a successful implementation but you want to make sure you consider a long-term strategy as well. In Part 4 we cover some tips for ensuring the technology you are using remains a good investment over time.

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